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 If you have questions or concerns about your family law attorney fees, first talk with your attorney. But be prepared. Referenced below are articles on billing issues and links to Bar Associations. Additional questions ?  Contact us about a legal bill audit of the fees in your family law case.

Success and failures of a consumer's fight against billing disputes.

Legal self help book written by a layman describing his jouney to recover a refund of his attorney fees.

Dispute It is an ebook written by Kenneth R. Gilley. "A Layman's guide on how to get an attorney refund and file a bar grievance." Disclosure: Mr. Gilley is not an attorney and does not purport to provide legal advice. Rather it is based on his own story of negotiating attorney refunds and filing a State Bar grievance against two attorneys.

Understand Your Bill for Legal Services and How to Dispute It

It’s important to thoroughly read your fee agreement before signing it. Make sure you understand how your lawyer will bill you.



Understand the Cost of a Lawyer: About Legal Fees.

Legal Tips — 16 through 20. Understand where all the lawyer fees are generated Have realistic payment expectations Always look at your monthly bill Always evaluate your lawyer If you are happy or unhappy, do something



Shades of Roshomon II: Client Billing

Ethics tip of the month

American Bar Association  October 1, 2013

Detecting Attorney Bill Padding

Arbitration Advisory 2003-01 Detecting Attorney Bill Padding 

California State Bar Arbitration Advisory January 29, 2003


 “You should be paying a lawyer to do what [he] went to law school to do.”  May 11, 2011

Winning By Financial Attrition: A Study of Attorney Fees Under California Family Code Sections 2030 and 2032

California Western Law Review Volume 38 | Number 1 Article 9

Jan Maiden 2001 

10 Ways Lawyers Rip Off Clients

More than one-third of American lawyers admitted to occasionally double-billing clients in a 2007 survey from Samford University's Cumerland Law School.

Business Insider  Jul. 10, 2013

Understanding and reducing attorney fees

"...but almost no one — including bar associations and consumer groups — has compiled general tips on how to make legal services less expensive when you turn from prospective consumer to client."

David Giacalone February 28, 2009


How to Avoid  (and Resolve)  Fee Disputes. • How Lawyers Charge • Avoiding Fee Disputes • Sources of Fee Disagreements • Dealing with a Fee Dispute

Citizen's Legal Guide. HALT

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