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Why is the pricing so reasonable ?

Because if  we charge any more we

become part of the problem and not

part of the solution !


We keep it simple.

And we give you a guarantee.

1.   The first month's invoice is absolutely free. All you do is send us via email (or fax) the invoice along with your retainer agreement. We will review the invoice for errors and provide a report via email within 5 days.

2.   An analysis of each subsequent monthly invoice is $50.00. And if we do not find at least $100 in errors on any one monthly invoice, that invoice is also free. No need for you to pay if there are no errors.  There are no other qualifications, requirements or commitments. Our goal is to provide you with an analysis of each invoice to help you control your attorney fees.



3.    Payment is made via PayPal for your security. 

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