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    Your options:


   1.)  An analysis of your first month's invoice is absolutely free !


  • Take the first step. If you have any questions please contact us. We'll be happy to provide you with additional information regarding this process. We are here to help.

  • We offer a free evaluation. We will review one month of your legal invoices, compare it to your fee agreement and provide a detailed assessment of any discrepancies or variances from industry guidelines. If you prefer, feel free to redact your attorney's name and address from the fee agreement. We only ask that you identify the state as not all states have adopted the American Bar Association's Rule 1.5 regarding attorney fees.

  • After you have reviewed the first month's assessment it is yours to keep. There are no further obligations.


   2.) Multiple invoice assessment


  • If you would like a detailed line item analysis of additional months, we can provide an evaluation for each additional month at a cost of $25.00 a month. We perform an independent audit of the charges incurred and provide an analysis of each problematic entry. 

  • Of course we cannot guarantee that your attorney will reduce your bill accordingly. That will be an issue for you and your attorney to discuss. But you will have an independent, documented review of your invoices to strengthen your position.

  • With experience in family law litigation and attorney fee arbitration, we have the background to identify billing errors that do not conform with industry guidelines.

  • We guarantee our work. If you are not satisfied, your payment is 100% refundable within 30 days of receipt of your audit. 

  • Our only mission is to ensure accurate legal bills in your family law case.



Contact us today !         

Legal Disclosure:


We do not and cannot provide legal advice. What we do is review your legal bills for accuracy. We cannot determine any degree of legal malpractice. The evaluation we provide will identify any billing errors pursuant to industry guidelines. 

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