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Questions about your legal bills ?

Questions about your legal bills ?

Looking for a second opinion ?

Looking for a second opinion ?

Worried about being overcharged ?

Worried about being overcharged ?

IAn innovative tool to help you take control of your divorce






Your attorney fees may be the biggest legal expenditure you have ever faced. Why not check for accuracy?  Guard against invoicing errors!


Major corporations often perform intensive audits on their attorney fee invoices that can save them millions of dollars. Large Insurance companies and even government agencies often establish cost effective billing guidelines that their attorneys are required to follow in an effort to reduce errors and overbilling. Why shouldn't you have the same protections  ?


  • was developed to help litigants in divorce cases control the cost     of their attorney fees. There are too many cases where attorney fees have spiraled out       of control to the point that you can no longer afford the legal protection you deserve.


  • will provide a detailed analysis of your legal bills. We highlight          mathematical mistakes, deviations from contracted fees and variations from

         industry guidelines. We will perform a free evaluation that can ease your concerns. 

Your attorney's invoice may contain mistakes. If you feel a bit anxious about questioning your attorney's fees, let us help. We will review your legal bills for  possible errors and provide you with a detailed line item analysis. You can then use the audit to discuss your fees with your attorney. It is not our intent to interfere with the relationship between you and your attorney. Our objective is to provide you with a tool to help you control your legal costs.

1/3 of attorneys surveyed admitted to improper billing practices*

*38%  of 270 lawyers responding  to a 1991 survey of a cross section of the ABA acknowledged that clients are occassionally billed for work not performed. Baltimore Sun July 17, 1994










If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will promptly return your payment. We simply ask that the return be made within 30 days of receiving your audit.

How it works:  

1. If you have questions with your attorney's invoices, the first step is to talk to him/her about your concerns. If you cannot resolve your issues, or if you would simply like an impartial second opinion, email us for a free, detailed evaluation of one month's invoice. 


We will review your legal bill for errors by comparing the entries to your retainer agreement, as well as checking for mathematical accuracy. We also  highlight variations to the guidelines set by the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION. Our audit of the first month will  be emailed directly to you at no cost. This evaluation is yours to keep. 

2.  After you review the first month's evaluation, you may find that you need to review additional invoices. If so, the cost is $50 to analyze each additional invoice. We will then prepare a detailed month by month assessment of all problematic fees charged on your invoices. 


This assessment compares your attorney's billing practices to industry standards. Please be advised that we cannot determine any issues of legal malpractice. We do not provide legal advice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  



      Questions ? Contact us !


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