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                          An independent review of your legal bills 

Attorney  fees  for  your family law  case can easily exceed $400 an hour.  At  that  price  doesn't  it make sense to have an independent audit ? A legal bill review is exactly what the name implies. We take a look at your attorney's fee agreement and compare it to your billed invoices. We then compare the practices found on the invoices and compare them to the guidelines set by the American Bar Association. The invoices are checked for mathematical accuracy. We then highlight any variations and provide you with a detailed line item report.  We offer a free evaluation of the first monthly invoice...                                         


Why do I need an audit ?

If you are not comfortable with the attorney fees that have been billed in your case, your first step would be to discuss any issues with your attorney. 
However if for some reason, you choose not to take that step on your own, or if you would simply like a second opinion before you discuss the matter with your attorney, contact us. Let our firm provide you with information that can help you better understand your bill.
Statistics show that  invoices can  include mistakes.  And these mistakes add up. Family law attorney fees, according to one source, can average over $300 an hour. Here are a number of examples of mistakes  found on attorney invoices:
1. Hourly rate on invoice does not match retainer agreement 
2. Mathematical errors
3. Block billing
4. Bill padding through excessive minimum increments
5. Rounding up time estimates (i.e. 3 hrs instead of 2.8 hrs)
6. Lack of specific description of billing tasks
7. Billing for administrative services that greatly exceed the         actual cost.
8. Attorneys billing for paralegal work
We have provided more information on our ATTORNEY FEE NEWS page so  that independently you can research the issue of attorney billing errors. 
              How it works: 

1.    After reviewing your family law attorney fee invoices,         you decide that you would like a second opinion.


2.     Upload  a copy of one month's invoice, along with  

         your retainer/fee agreement and either:


         email to :


3.     Within five days we will provide you with a free                   evaluation via email.          


4.     If you decide to take no further action, your                        evaluation is absolutely free with no obligation. 


5.    If you would like an analysis of additional invoices,            simply forward them to our attention. We will

       provide a line item analysis of problematic billing    



6.     The cost of the evaluation is $50 for each additional  

         invoice. Payment is made through PayPal.


7.     Within five days, we will provide you with a                         documented review of your additional legal bills.

Our evaluation contains a comprehensive analysis  to help you

 verify the accuracy of your legal bills. 

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